70 Elephants!

We’re back inside Etosha after breakfast, and continuing to find wildlife. Uanee spots a lion some way off the road, and even further away, there is a cheetah. As we progress we’re rewarded with another large group of elephants (of all ages) crossing the road just ahead of us.

After lunch-time back at our lodge, we head out for our final game drive in the park. And, oh boy, are we lucky. The most amazing sighting of elephants at Klein Namutoni waterhole. We lose count after numbering 70! All sizes and ages. In the water, out of the water, drinking, taking mud baths, play fighting, and (we believe) a couple doing the Argentine Tango. A fabulous conclusion to our time in Etosha.

To celebrate, Dawn and Richard have booked the Mokuti Lodge private Boma dining area for dinner. On arrival, a local lady washes our hands in neroli oil water, a traditional African greeting. Inside, the BBQ and fire are up and running, and we enjoy a tasty meal, including Malva Pudding – fast becoming a guest favourite … a sort of sticky sponge pudding with custard! Oh, and plenty more complimentary wine of course.