Leopards and Cheetahs

Added 29 May 2012

Wake up call at 5.30am today (!) and we're all in the lodge for some tea or coffee and a freshly baked muffin by 6am. Our game-viewing vehicles are ready because this morning we hope to track leopard while they are active. There's no point in starting late morning when the sun is at it's hottest and the animals tend to lay down and hide. We split into two groups and head in different directions into Okonjima's park. Using a tracking device our local Okonjima guides try to find one of only four leopards fitted with tracking collars. Fortunately all of us manage to watch a leopard - and wonderful animals they are too. Some great photos are taken, including a leopard lying on a tree branch, and one eating a recent kill. By the way, please don't mention that the 4WD Richard travelled in got stuck down a big hole ... for the second Namibia tour in succession. Back at the lodge we enjoy a considerable brunch before a nice long siesta. Then as if we are hungry, afternoon tea and cakes follow at around 2.30pm before we rejoin our vehicles, this time to track cheetahs. The difference this afternoon, however, is that we drive only so far, then we track cheetah on foot. Women, children and tour operators in the middle of the group please! We manage to walk very close indeed to three cheetahs who recently made a kill and had therefore eaten well. It looked like they were having a good snooze apart from occasional glances for photographs. A truly wonderful experience for everyone. After this we drove to a high viewpoint to watch the sun go down and, of course, to enjoy sundowners. Gin and tonic being favourite, with wine coming in a close second.