A short hop

Added 20 Oct 2014

After breakfast we depart the Patio Andaluz Hotel and head for Quito Airport. The traffic is light and we arrive ahead of schedule. We are flying south to Cuenca. Our airline is called TAME and the staff check us in promptly and we enjoy a little free time in the terminal before passing through security to the flight gate. Our flight to Cuenca is a short hop, just 40 minutes from take off to landing. In flight the crew somehow has time to offer everyone a tea, coffee or juice. It is a little turbulent as we descend towards Cuenca Airport. The final approach seems quite fast and we touchdown with a bump. Suffice to say everyone on board is aware we have landed. Cuenca Airport is small so we retrieve bags from the one carousel and exit to the car park to find our private coach waiting. And a very nice coach it is too. Brand new and very comfortable. Neptali, our regular "Furlongs" driver, is there to greet us.

The transfer to the El Dorado Hotel is just 10 minutes and the hotel staff have all our rooms ready - which is very kind considering we are well ahead of official check-in time. We settle in and enjoy a free afternoon. Our guide Fernando has suggested it is a good idea just to wander about the city centre and get lost. This is a great way to explore and it seems quite a few clients followed the advice! We are not sure Richard approves of telling clients to get lost but it seems to have worked on this occasion.

This eveniing we enjoyed an excellent buffet courtesy of the El Dorado Hotel chef and his team.