AC/DC or The Wurzels?

Added 25 Jun 2014

A lie in this morning. We do not depart until 7.15am! After morning tea or coffee we join an escorted Bushmen Walk led by our local guides. The walk gives participants the opportunity to see first-hand how the San Bushmen survived and survive today using materials from nature such as shells for bowls and plant fibres to make strong twine. We make fire using Sparrow-Weavers nest as tinder and see how Bushmen set up their animal traps. The walk is always popular on our tours and takes longer than scheduled due to all the interesting questions asked.

We are back at the camp for the big brunch and there are more guests walking the trails this afternoon. Around 2.30pm we all get together again and Richard is delighted to introduce one of the Okonjima owners, Donna Hanssen. Donna invites questions and covers quite a few topics! Donna is both very knowledgeable and wonderfully passionate about Africat and Okonjima and we could have stayed all day but sadly our afternoon activity beckons so Richard has to call time! After a quick cup of tea we join the Okonjima guides to go tracking Cheetah on foot. Yes, on foot. We start in the game viewing vehicles, track the cheetahs using the radio device and get quite close. Then we disembark and walk with our guides in the hope of getting closer. These cheetahs have been rehabilitated at Africat and although they make their own kills for food, they are used to people coming and going. We get within a few feet! The two cheetahs we watch are clearly very content as we can hear them purring to each other. Numerous photos are taken before we leave them in peace and head back to our vehicles. To round off the afternoon we all meet at Baton Hill to view the sun going down. Surprise, surprise, when we arrive there is a table complete with white cloth, snacks and bubbly!

This evening our finale dinner. A long dining table has been set and Richard and Dawn are buying the wine. Yippee! Thanks and presents to our tour driver and guide. During the tour we discovered that our driver, August, was a FIFA qualified football referee and had completed some training in London. To remind him we were the “World Cup 2014 tour”, August was presented with a Brazil World Cup Cap and an England one too. Not sure he should wear the England one at the moment! August is an excellent driver and a gentlemen too. Our guide Uanee let slip to Richard and Dawn last tour that he enjoyed the heavy metal music band called AC/DC. A real surprise as we thought The Wurzels were his favourite. Anyway, we brought from the UK a variety of AC/DC music CDs and a video. Following our thanks Uanee seemed to be a very happy chap. He is also an exceptionally good guide.