Afternoon tea and boarding cards

Added 03 Dec 2012

Strangely our Galapagos expedition leader, Lynn, does not give us an early morning wake-up call? We're able to sleep in if we wish.

Following a huge breakfast buffet at the Cafe Colon, many guests join our complimentary shuttle from hotel to Guayaquil's Malecon waterfront area. Some return to the pretty botanical gardens area, some head for markets, others climb Santa Ana hill to the lighthouse. The weather is sunny and hot so we are encouraged to drink lots of water and wear a hat.

We have a late evening flight so Richard and Dawn have extended hotel bedrooms for most of the day - which seems to be rather popular! At 5pm we all join the Afternoon Tea Buffet. This is not simply a cup of tea and a biscuit. It is a full buffet with hot and cold dishes, cakes, and more! Main luggage has been collected and Richard heads off to the airport to check everyone in. Dawn looks after guests at the hotel and, following the tea buffet, we can relax in the hotel lounge - which is far more comfortable than sitting at the airport! Richard completes the check-in and gets boarding cards and luggage receipts at the ready. Guests arrive and simply proceed through passport control - nice and easy. The flight takes off a little late (as usual) and we head back home. No one expects what happens next ...