All at sea

Added 02 May 2015

We’re still on UK local time this morning. The seas were calm overnight and we slept well. After breakfast there is a choice of morning lectures. Steffen is talking about the geological history of the Earth with a particular reference to Norway and Arne is offering an introduction to Norway, covering Viking history, architecture, food and more. Both attract good audiences.

After a tea or coffee break there are yet more lecture choices. Olav is talking about the expedition voyage of the original FRAM and Katya is talking about Norway’s famous Stave Churches.

After lunch the Furlongs family gets together to say hello, meet fellow travellers and answer questions. We run through the itinerary and ensure everyone knows the plan!

This afternoon there are more lectures including one about ice presented by guest lecturer, Professor Julian Dowdeswell, one covering fishing and coastal life of Norway, one on photography and one about gems! Let's hope there's not a test later on.

There is a short briefing about the days ahead and, after dinner, a crew fashion show.