Alpaca takings up

Added 04 Sep 2013

Another wonderful alfresco breakfast before an optional visit exploring more of Arequipa. First stop is a picturesque viewpoint on the outskirts of town. From here we see some typical Inca agricultural terracing which is still being worked by hand. Volcanoes in the distance add to the incredible vista and we can definitely see one volcano smoking. Naturally we are not at all worried. Besides there is shopping to do. We are visiting a famous Alpaca factory called Mundo Alpaca. This factory is in the town centre on a busy road junction and our coach has to drop us off on the wrong side of the road. Fortunately Richard finds a friendly policewoman who stops the traffic to permit safe passage. However she leaves us half-way on the dual-carriageway so we are forced to cross the other half of the road unaided. Fortunately we just make it. Driving standards here are interesting to say the least and essentially you step into the road at your own risk!

Arequipa is the centre of Alpaca business and an important trading place for livestock and finished goods. The Mundo Alpaca visitor centre includes an interesting interpretation of the process from animal to finished product. Naturally there is a shop to explore as well. As usual, Richard finds it difficult to extract ladies from this shopping opportunity. Dawn is no help at all and also exits with a bag. The shop manager thanks us very much for coming and the share price of Mundo Alpaca shoots up.