Apple Pie with Moose McGregor

Added 27 Apr 2012
First thing this morning we're back in the Country Club's Kokerboom Restaurant for a hearty breakfast buffet. Luggage is checked and loaded onto our coach and we're ready to go. At the same time the hotel is busy receiving students for a college graduation ceremony. Everyone is dressed up and proud parents are attending too. A Herrero woman in traditional dress kindly allows us to take some photos.  Leaving Windhoek we head south west, our destination is Sossusvlei Lodge next door to the Namib Naukluft Park. Just outside Windhoek we must proceed through a weigh bridge station but luckily, despite breakfast, we pass the test and are allowed to continue! Our route takes us through Rehoboth, Klein Aub and Rietoog, before stopping for lunch at Solitaire Lodge, a tiny settlement with a garage, a general shop and a lodge. Here we meet Mr Moose McGregor who is famous for his bakery and particularly his apple pie. Needless to say, he does a roaring trade. After a lunch stop we continue towards the Namib Naukluft Park, and arrive at Sossusvlei Lodge around 2.30pm. We settle in, check our various excursions for the next couple of days and relax!  In front of our posh tent" accommodations and overlooking the bush there is a large bird nest in a Camel Thorn tree. The birds are "sociable weavers" and the nest accommodates a whole community so there's lots of coming and goings. It's a great spot for us to take photos so many of our guests gather here. At the same time Dawn is out and about taking photos and out the corner of her eye she spots some Ostrich. Eager to ensure our guests don't miss out Dawn alerts everyone to her wildlife find and everyone gets very excited ... only to discover the Ostrich are in fact metal statues! Whoops. Dawn says they moved and John agrees but nobody else is convinced.