Snow or Hail?

Added 04 Sep 2014

Possibly one of the shortest flights we will take, from Arequipa to Juliaca in less than 30 minutes. No sooner have we taken off and reached cruising height, we start descending towards Lake Titicaca. We are met at the airport by our two local guides, Jose and Elvis. Yes, Elvis. On route to Puno we include a visit to Sillustani, a historic site known for the remains of circular stone burial chambers built by pre-Inca and Inca cultures. During our guided walk we enjoy clear skies and bright sunshine, and then a brief snow storm, or was it hail? The local farmers are happy of course because the climate here is very dry so any moisture is always welcome.

We continue to the city of Puno and drive to a private island set on Puno Bay, location of our Lake Titicaca Hotel. The views are stunning in all directions. Some of us take a stroll around the island while others take a siesta. This evening we enjoy a buffet dinner in a private room before retiring relatively early. Tomorrow we sail on Lake Titicaca!