Arrived in Budapest

Our flights to Budapest today depart at a very civilised early-afternoon hour. As a result, those of us who stayed overnight can enjoy breakfast at our hotel. A rare treat! Late morning, we jump aboard a private coach to transfer to Heathrow’s Terminal 3. We meet more guests and British Airways provide a very smooth check-in.

Before long, we are boarding our British Airways plane to Budapest. The new BA service (or lack of!) means that no food is included on board short flights, so many of us take our own picnic!

On arrival at Budapest Airport and having collected our luggage, we’re met by our local guide and soon aboard our two buses heading for the Hilton Hotel in the Castle District on the Buda side of Budapest.  We arrive at the hotel in good time despite some road closures due to a Regatta and adjacent street fair!

This evening everyone is invited to a welcome dinner. The Furlongs Family gets together again! Renews acquaintances. Enjoys the buffet …. and lots of wine!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock © Balate Dorin