Arriving Bordeaux

We landed at Bordeaux Airport on time and were quickly through passport control and on our way. Our two luxury coaches were ready and waiting, and we left for the city centre. It’s Sunday morning and there is not much traffic so we arrive in record time. Despite being well-ahead of official arrival time our ship, Uniworld’s River Royale, is eager to greet us and we’re on board and relaxing in the comfortable lounge in no time at all.

Tea and coffee is served and Dawn invites guests to the front desk for an early check-in. Stateroom keycards are issued in readiness. All very efficient! Richard hands out some brown envelopes with “market petty cash” and encourages everyone to visit the quayside market to buy some local goodies for a Furlongs Travel Reception this evening. Shopping bags return with bread, cheese, olives, radishes, cucumber, pate, cherries, and a so called “Scottish” dessert that turns out to be an apple cheesecake. We’re not sure about the Scottish connection, but it turns out to be quite tasty!

Our welcome reception is held on the sun deck. Wine and nibbles are consumed and Richard and Dawn welcome all on board and declare the holiday week ahead a “referendum-free zone”!

Time for dinner and then a well-earned sleep. The Bordelais have a different idea! Bordeaux’s  bi-annual wine festival happens to be finishing today and there is a big firework display planned for 11.30pm. Some guests stayed up to watch, some may have woken up when the show started and others slept through it. If you missed it, we must report the fireworks were wonderful!