Art Nouveau Alesund

Added 21 Feb 2014

Sailing north from Bergen we find ourselves in a pretty coastal town called Alesund. In January 1904 a huge fire destroyed almost all of the town and Alesund was rebuilt in Art Nouveau style. Many of the buildings on the main street are original or refurbished with Art Nouveau decoration.

Alesund is also famous for the Shetland Bus - the nickname of a clandestine special operations group that made a permanent link between Shetland in Scotland and German-occupied Norway during World War Two. Initially operated by many small fishing boats and later with submarine support, the Shetland Bus provided Norwegian and allied personnel an escape route from the occupying German forces.

The weather is mild and there is no snow on the ground so our city walk is very pleasant indeed. Back on board there is time for a quick lunch and a siesta! Around 6pm we arrive in Molde, the city of roses. A few guests manage a brisk walk to the town hall square to see the statue of the girl with a basket of rose petals, and in the lower park, a bronze of a sax player. Molde is home to a famous summer jazz festival.