Added 07 May 2015

Early this morning we sail pass Feigumfossen on the southern side of the Lusterfjord. This is Norway’s fifth largest waterfall (at 229 metres high).

By breakfast time we have arrived at Urnes and there’s an option to go ashore and visit the Urnes Stave Church. The church dates back to the 1100’s and is UNESCO listed in part due to its own unique style with carvings of a very high quality. To get to the church we walk up hill along a winding road. It is quite an effort but well worth it.

During lunch FRAM repositions to the picturesque village of Balestrand and we head ashore to join our private guide, Kjell, for an escorted walk. We start in front of the Kviknes Hotel which is famous for welcoming many artists in the latter half of the 19th century. Kjell takes us along the lower road, parallel to the fjord and we see some of the houses and villas that were built by the local artists.

Back at the quayside we are offered the local cheese, called Gamelost. Let’s just say it is an acquired taste and we’ve not yet acquired it.