Bartolome Island

We have navigated back to the central islands overnight and we wake up at Bartolome Island. Just a few steps up to the top to see the most iconic view of the Galápagos Islands – Pinnacle Rock. Well, in truth, 374 steps. A minor workout in fact.

Back at sea level, there's an opportunity for deep water snorkelling and snorkelling or swimming from the beach. On the panga ride to the beach, we see a Galápagos penguin again! Deep-water snorkellers remark that our guide, Daniel, is like a fish. He swims all over the place at great speed, pointing out all the species on the way! Today, there are many sea stars.

During lunch we sail to the northern tip of Santa Cruz Island and to a landing site known as Dragon Hill. It boasts a healthy population of land iguanas and we manage to see some of them. At the head of the trail we pass a brackish lagoon hoping to see some flamingo, but no luck this time.

A BBQ dinner on the al fresco deck this evening, as we say thank-you to the magnificent ship crew. We are also joined by a couple of pelicans hitching a ride on the ship railings, plus a couple of small sea snakes swimming close to the ship.