Beijing next stop

Added 21 Oct 2012

It's Sunday morning, and guests are arriving at Furlongs office in Kent. Cars are parked and bags are loaded onto our coach for the journey to Heathrow. Dawn's in charge! Richard has set off to the airport by taxi to greet early arrivals. It's showers and foggy, so we're pleased to be heading for sunny Beijing. British Airways check in is efficient and uneventful. All clients through to airside, so Richard and Dawn bring up the rear. Richard's hand luggage becomes the one in five random check and he waits 35 minutes to have the bag checked. He's happy with any amount of security, but there really should have been some more staff. Anyway, we have plenty of time and we all meet up at the gate for boarding. The take off is pretty much on time and Captain Alan advises we have a tail wind tonight, so the normal 9 hrs 50 mins will become around 9 hrs. And so to sleep?