We’ve crossed another border and this morning we’re moored on the Sava River at a busy dock in the centre of Belgrade, Serbia. Again, we have a choice of excursion …. a city tour by coach, a biking tour of Belgrade, a city tour on foot with some locals, or a shopping trip with our chef to a local market.  Some of the Furlongs Family are joining each excursion and when we meet up again, everyone seems to have enjoyed their choice!

The weather is warm and sunny and the crew have organised a BBQ on the sundeck for lunch. Some of the provisions purchased at the market are being served up too! A great lunch and some nice cool beer and wine too!

Shuttle buses take us back into town to enjoy more sights, shopping, or just a walk around. Richard and Dawn accidentally turn up and take the afternoon shuttle into town. They head for the ECCO shoe shop but don’t find anything they like! They walk back to the ship to stay fit.

Late afternoon, Scenic organise a sundowner overlooking the nearby fort. This involved taking buses over the bridge and walking to a mediocre pontoon boat where mediocre canapes and drinks were served. Not Scenic’s finest hour but we all kept a stiff upper lip and thankfully it only lasted an hour!

Back on board our ship we are treated to a performance of typical Serbian music and dancing. The dancers worked very hard and had to avoid pillars and the low ceiling, not to mention our guests.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock © Alexander Raths