A day at Villa Blanca

Added 13 Mar 2015

Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Resort lives up to its name this morning. There is a misty cloud hanging over the property which is typical of this time of year. It doesn’t take long to burn off however and it becomes a gloriously sunny day. Some of our guests are up early this morning. There is a bird watching walk on the property, and an excursion off property to seek the Resplendent Quetzal bird. The Quetzal is in the trogon family and well known for its colourful plumage of green and red. Quetzals average 14-16 inches long, plus up to 26 inches of tail feather. Our local naturalist Roy is leading the Quetzal walk and it turns out very successful, with the female Quetzal spotted within 5 metres and the male a little further away. There is photo evidence too.

The bird walk at Villa Blanca is also a great success although Richard considers sending out a search party at one point. Out at 6.30am and scheduled back by 8.30am, it is past 9am before we see guests back at the lodge. Apparently the group heard howler monkeys and decided to seek them out. On this occasion they did not succeed but they certainly had a work out. Guests almost ran up the hill to the lodge, they were so keen to see breakfast. Around 8.30am some folk set off on a nature walk. They also return beyond schedule and have also had a great time.

Early afternoon 12 guests set off in a minibus for San Ramon to tackle a zip-line experience. Essentially you glide through the cloud forest dangling from a secure cable. Naturally, Dawn is in the middle of the action. Naturally, Richard is far more sensible and drinks a glass of wine on the Villa Blanca terrace while awaiting their return. The view from the terrace is simply stunning. You can see for miles across the mountains and forests. The sky is blue with some fluffy white clouds, and the sun is shining. You cannot get much better than this.