Birthday in Floreana!

Added 01 Nov 2011
After an early morning call we're soon ashore at Floreana Island at a visitor site called Punta Cormorant, which is named after a boat wreck, not cormorants! We arrive at a olivine sand beach and walk along a trail to a second beach, this one of incredibly fine, white, coralline sand. This is a favourite nesting site of green sea turtles. Along the trail we skirt a large salt pond that is occasionally home to flamingoes and pintails. After breakfast we reposition our ship to the nearby islet of Champion. Here there is a small population of the Floreana mockingbird, now extinct from the mainland due to cats and other introduced species. We do well. During our circumnavigation of the islet via panga we spot 8 mockingbirds. Not bad considering there are only 40 pairs in total. After lunch we lift anchor again and visit Post Office Bay. Here there is a barrel, still used for an old mail swap tradition going back to whaling days. We sort through the post cards and letters already in the barrel to find any addresses that are near our homes. The idea is to take these by hand and deliver them when we get back. No stamp needed! As we sort through we find a card for Newhaven, East Sussex, and it is addressed to one of our guests. It is a birthday card! Happy Birthday Jenny!