Boston Day Three

We are still in Boston. The ship is not yet repaired and there is now a specialist computer boffin on their way from Europe. Time for Dawn and Richard to arrange another day of activities. Knowing that the weather forecast was not so good for today, some indoor activities are chosen. We’ve re-booked our bright yellow Yankee bus with Wi-Fi and Mike, so we know we’re in good hands. Our morning visit is to the famous Boston Aquarium where we are soon peering into the tanks to see all sorts of marine creatures including penguins, sharks, turtles, jellyfish, snakes and more. The best tank (according to Dawn and lots of others) contained leafy sea dragons. These are found along the southern and western coasts of Australia. The name is derived from the appearance, with long leaf-like protrusions (serving only as camouflage). The leafy sea dragon propels itself by means of tiny, almost completely transparent fins completing the illusion of floating seaweed. They are spectacular!  

We are back to the ship for lunch and then out again this afternoon to visit the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. We are greeted by David, the enthusiastic museum manager, before enjoying a short film documenting the life of JFK, and then we are free to walk through the exhibits. Artefacts include gifts to the former President from World Leaders, and there is also a special exhibition room called JFK 100 Milestones and Mementos, which features 100 items drawn mostly from the Kennedy Library’s collections and chronicles historic milestones in JFK’s career and administration.  

Back at ship we learn the computer boffin has arrived to fix the engine problem and we may be underway late this evening. Hooray!  

After dinner, the expedition team runs a music quiz in the lounge.  Teams of 6-8 guests (or more!) are grouped together and there is a multiple-choice answer sheet. The competitive spirit soon shows itself amongst some of the Furlongs group. Richard has set himself up with some of the crew and expedition team members. Illegal of course, and it won’t count, but these crew members haven’t heard the quiz before. When it comes to marking, papers are swopped with the nearest team and Richard’s team paper is swapped with Dawn’s. Richard’s team is the only group that answers all 20 questions correctly (which is mainly due to the locals, not Richard). However, Dawn re-writes his answer paper as she marks it, and he accepts failure! Thankfully one of the two teams that tie for the winning prize consists mainly of Furlongs guests.  

We set sail from Boston around 10.30pm.

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