Walking with cheetahs

Added 08 May 2013

This morning our guests enjoy an educational Bushman Walk with local guides. We're learning about traditional hunting methods and we view bird and animal traps, rope making and fire making. Brunch is served on our return and at afternoon tea Tristan Boehme, AfriCat's team leader, kindly joins us to thank us for our visit and to answer questions. Amongst topics covered are AfriCat's future plans, the challenges of running a lodge, alternative energy ideas, and the souvenir shop. Guests are pretty unanimous that the Main Camp curio shop could be better stocked and thereby raise more money for the AfriCat charity - the colourful wooden giraffes in the camp bedrooms should definitely be on sale!

Our activity this afternoon features cheetah tracking on foot. We leave the Main Camp by game viewer vehicle and use a radio tracker until we're fairly near by. We then disembark and walk through the bush with our guides, again using the radio tracker to get closer, one step at a time. And then we are within feet of a magnificent cheetah! Quite a privelige to say the least. Many photographs later we regroup and meet up at the Okonjima Dam where Richard and Dawn have secretly stashed champagne and snacks. Cheetah tracking - a great finale to our Okonjima visit.

Tonight we enjoy a final tour dinner. Wine is included and we toast our Namibian adventure with yet another glass of bubbly. Our coach driver Bruce and excellent guide Uanee are given many thanks (and some Toblerone!), and Tristan comes up trumps by finding some of those giraffes that should have been in the shop. Over 50 are purchased before the night comes to an end!