Camping in Antarctica?

This afternoon we are able to make a landing at Horseshoe Island. This is an old British Station which normally only opens for maintenance for a short summer period. On this occasion we are lucky, the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust staff have reopened one of the original Marguerite Bay Post Offices for just a few weeks (after a gap of 57 years!) and they have their own Horseshoe Bay mail stamp. Many postcards are taken ashore to post!

The first group of guests go ashore for an optional and fairly energetic hike. They are last seen heading over a rocky path, but fortunately reappear 3 hours later! Other guests enjoy visiting the post office and original living quarters, and we meet the staff who are manning the place for the summer. The couple in residence live in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho in the USA but commented they like to get down to Antarctica each year, "to get away from the cold".

This is our first chance to see Adelie penguins on land and we're fortunate to locate a handful of large, almost fledged, chicks. They are keen to attract their parents, so are quite noisy! One of the other optional activities offered at Horseshoe Island is camping, and a few of the Furlongs Family head off to set up their tent and camp the night on the snow. What an experience. Let's hope the penguins don't keep them awake all night.