Ceramics and textiles

Added 23 Oct 2014

This morning we drive towards the town of Gualaceo to visit an IKAT weaving workshop run by the Jimenez family. The family produce wonderful garments and shawls using a tie-dye technique where threads are coloured before weaving an intricate pattern using a back strap loom. The colours are created from plants and minerals found in the garden or collected nearby. The finished goods are so attractive that it proves near impossible to extract our guests from the sales room! Finally we head back towards Cuenca and our first stop is the Vega ceramics studio. Eduardo Vega is Ecuador’s most renowned ceramics artist and his gallery is amazing. Once again it proves very difficult to leave! Suffice to say our coach is full of bags and boxes at the end of our morning tour.

Eduardo Vega’s studio is situated high on Turi Hill and we enjoy magnificent views over the town of Cuenca before we retun to our hotel.

This evening we dine at the Villa Rosa Restaurant. Since Richard’s visit last year the restaurant has had a modern, but very tasteful refurbishment and it looks stunning. The food and complimentary wine is well received too!