Ceramics and textiles

Today is our artisan day, and we’re exploring local arts and crafts connections. Our first visit is to the Jimenez family home and workshop near the town of Gualaceo. This family are well-known for their IKAT weaving based on a tie-dye technique where threads are naturally coloured before weaving an intricate pattern using a back-strap loom. Plants and minerals found in the garden or collected nearby create the colours used to dye the wool and silk. Scarfs and wraps are available, and many are purchased. The ladies love this visit!

Heading back to Cuenca we visit the Vega ceramics gallery. Eduardo Vega is a world-renowned ceramics artist and we are fortunate to find both him and his son at their studio. There is a wonderful display of work and numerous items (big and small) for sale. Once again, we contribute significantly to the GDP of Cuenca! From the Vega Gallery we walk a few yards up to Turi Hill to enjoy a wonderful view over the city of Cuenca. The sun is shining, and the city looks magnificent!

photo © Muslianshah Masrie