Climbing a 12-storey pagoda

Added 28 Oct 2012

Yet more guests attending Tai Chi this morning with Master Tom. So Richard was told, anyway. Another wonderful breakfast was also enjoyed - the home made yoghurts are proving very popular.

Jin, our programme director delivered an excellent lecture about China's culture, and then our River Guide, Ben, took a Chinese language lesson! Lunch to follow and then we disembarked across pontoons to the quayside at Shibaozhai. We walk through the town centre to the Shibaozhai Pagoda. Shibaozhai, which means Precious Stone Fortress, is a 720 foot hill and on the top is situated the Lanruo Temple. The pagoda's main attraction is it's 12 stories and bright red colour. Traditional Chinese designs mark the exteriors of the pagoda. At the top of the hill is the Duck Well, named for the idea that if you take a live duck and drop it in the well as spring turns to summer, it will quickly reappear swimming in the Yangtze below. There is also a small bridge which men are meant to cross in 3 steps and ladies in 5 steps, to bring long life. It's quite a struggle in 3 steps unless you have long legs! Suffice to say one our gentlemen guests completed the bridge in one step!! The walk back to the ship was interesting. Numerous souvenir sellers either side of the road are desperately hoping for business, but never the less polite at all times. There were also "runners" with sedan chairs, offering to carry folk back to the ship. Some of us were solely tempted!

Back on board, and after dinner, the evening concluded with a colourful dancing and costume show depicting the various regions of China. The show was very well presented by the crew, and very well received by ship guests.