Close up with a pangolin!

This morning we join a Bushman Walk. Our local guides interpret the life of the bushmen, how they lived, hunted and survived. Audience participation welcomed, we see animal and bird traps and learn about the art of making traditional artefacts and how the San people adapted and survived in an unforgiving wilderness environment. The ultimate in sustainable living!

Back at the Plains Camp Barn we enjoyed another breakfast brunch - and the bushman's omelette proved very popular. Essentially a selection of everything included in one big omelette and certainly sufficient to fill you up for the day!

After brunch, Donna Hanssen kindly joined us for a question and answer session. Donna is a knowledgeable and passionate speaker and we covered all sorts of topics, including conservation, farming techniques, research, the Hanssen family history and, of course, Okonjima and AfriCat. Many thanks Donna!

This afternoon we set off to track cheetahs. We all boarded our game drive vehicles and half of us set off to track cheetahs inside the reserve while the other half enjoyed a general game drive to start with. Once the radio telemetry tracked near to the cheetahs, we disembarked and walked with our guides to see the animals up close and personal! The cheetahs are on a walk so we're able to follow them at safe distance. A simply magical experience.

Richard's group also stumble into a pangolin othis afternoon. These prehistoric looking mammals are often called scaly anteaters because they are covered in protective, overlapping scales. They burrow and eat termites and ants. They are an endangered species and extremely rare, so this sighting is so lucky. The pangolin is walking about within feet of our vehicle. Our local guide sends out a radio message to other Okonjima guides that we've spotted a Pangolin. Uanee is also with us, and tells us he has never seen a pangolin in the wild in all his years as a guide. Lots of photographs are taken before the pangolin disappears into the nearby bush.

After all the excitement of our game drive, we all meet up at a secret sundowner location. Time to open some bubbly and celebrate a wonderful Namibia tour!