Cod liver oil anyone?

Added 01 Mar 2014

Shortly after breakfast we cross the Arctic Circle southbound. On the starboard side we can see the Horseman Mountain, which is 1863 feet high. The ship's Tour Director, Kari, then invites us to an important Arctic Circle ceremony during which cod liver oil is offered to all guests! And there's a bonus ... you get to keep the spoon. The Furlongs management avoid the cold liver oil and come away spoonless. A few of our guests join the queue and it has been reported that at least two consumed multiple spoonfuls of cod liver oil. We wish them all the best for the future.

Later we sail pass the Seven Sisters mountain range. These dramatic peaks are on our port side. We count six or eight of them depending whether you treat one mountain as twin peaks and a little hill as another. Whatever the number they are worth seeing.

Late afternoon we visit Bronnoysund. Richard and Dawn suggest a stretch legs walk. Sadly the locals seem to have abandoned the town. It is deadly quiet and there is very little to see. If we mention that an empty shop and four mallard ducks were among the highlights you will get the idea. Some sensible clients escape the tour and find the pretty church at the very end of the street. Others stick with their guides and go on to spot a sea eagle above and sea stars in the clear water below. There is also a rock with a signpost indicating we are in the middle of Norway, half way between the North Cape and the south coast. Thankfully a beautiful sunset saves the day!

Our final dinner on board this evening. The captain, chief engineer, hotel manager and tour director greet us. There are a few speeches and we thank the restaurant staff for looking after us so well. MS Midnatsol has a great team!