Costa Rica here we come

Added 10 Mar 2015

An early start from our Heathrow hotel this morning because we’re on one of the first flights out of Terminal Five. We’re flying via Madrid to San Jose, Costa Rica. At the British Airways desks, Richard and Dawn greet clients and help with check-in. One of the BA staff inadvertently attempt to check-in one of our guests onto an Istanbul flight, but we rescue them. Our flight is full. Completely full, with a wait list. As usual, we take off from Heathrow slightly late and land into Madrid slightly early. Our flight to San Jose also takes off late but lands early. On route we are given immigration and customs forms. One of the questions requires us to state our mother’s maiden name and we’re not convinced this is either essential or relevant. Anyway, we oblige. Immigration at San Jose Airport is pretty quick and we pick up our bags from the carousel and then hand in the customs form and place all of our luggage through a scanner on exit. There are security staff sitting by the scanner and collecting the completed forms but they seem to be busy with their mobile telephones. Outside the arrivals hall we’re met by our local guides, Isabel and Adriana, and are soon aboard our private coaches for the 15 minute drive to our hotel, the Marriott Costa Rica. Check-in is relatively painless. Room keys are ready, a refreshing cold drink is provided and there’s no need for individual credit card authorisations. This saves time and allows everyone to settle in quickly. Richard has guaranteed all incidentals with his card, although he hopes everyone will settle their own extras in due course! Dinner is included in a private banquet room and we all retire fairly early. It has been a long day but we are here. Welcome to Costa Rica!