Northern Lights and Fish Cakes!

Added 14 Feb 2012
We cross the Arctic Circle at 07:14am (plus 14 seconds!) this morning. None of us wins first prize by May is pretty close at 07:11:04! Shortly afterwards we pass the southbound ship MS Nordnorge. Many Furlongs guests have travelled on Nordnorge on previous occasions including down to Antarctica, so she is one if our favourites. On board Midnatsol we enjoy King Neptune's visit on the open deck where he celebrates crossing the Arctic Circle by pouring freezing cold water and ice cubes down your neck. Nice chap, King Neptune. Our next port of call is Bodo, capital of the Nordland Region. From here we cross a stretch of open water called Vestfjord, which is pretty calm for us. Then we get a real treat ... the clouds disappear and the Northern Lights appear. The display is wonderful, with bright green curtains of light, ever changing shapes, crossing from one side of the horizon to the other, and interspersed with bright stars and constellations. The lights last at least one hour and only begin to fade as we sail into Stamsund, which is most convenient! Dinner is served and Richard and Dawn distribute St Valentine Day treats. Jenny enjoys her special birthday. And to complete the evening, the captain takes a look into the narrow Trollfjord, and Fish Cakes are served on the open deck at 11pm. What more could you wish for?!