Cuenca city tour

Added 21 Oct 2014

Our Cuenca city walking tour starts at a very civilised 9.30am this morning. This allows plenty of time to enjoy the El Dorado Hotel breakfast. A full buffet plus eggs cooked to order! Fernando and our local guide, Juan Carlos, meet us after breakfast. We walk via the flower market to Independence Square and include a visit to the Cathedral. From here we continue to the Tomebamba River. This river runs through the city of Cuenca, merges into the Amazon river and ends up in the Atlantic Ocean. Our walk along the riverside offers a glimpse of typical architecture of the area. From here we drive to the Homero Ortega Panama Hat Company and enjoy an introduction to the manufacture of the Ecuadorian Straw Hat. Naturally the last stop is the shop! Numerous hats are tried and quite a few are purchased. The local economy has a good day. This evening we dine at Mansion Alcazar, a boutique hotel and restaurant situated a few blocks from the main square. An excellent meal and plenty of great conversation and banter.