Cuenca City Tour

Added 18 Nov 2014

A beautiful sunny morning. Fernando and Franco join us to escort a morning city walk in Cuenca. We walk along Gran Columbia and compare the architectural styles of the buildings. We stop at the flower market and then proceed to the main square to visit the new Cathedral. From here we continue to the Tomebamba River which runs through the city, eventuually merges into the Amazon and ends up in the Atlantic Ocean. Neptali our coach driver meets us and we drive to the Homero Ortega Panama Hat Company to learn about the manufacture of the Ecuadorian Straw Hat. Known worldwide as the Panama Hat, it is definitely made in Ecuador! At the end of our tour Richard is unsuccessful in preventing guests from visiting the gallery and shop! Numerous hats are tried and numerous are purchased. Ecuador's GDP instantly jumps 1%.

This evening we dine at a small boutique hotel called Mansion Alcazar. If you ever find yourself in Cuenca, you must go and visit!