Curu Nature Reserve

Added 16 Mar 2015

After a restful night, this morning we are anchored at Curu on the southern Nicoya Peninsula. We enjoy breakfast and prepare for our first landing. We use our zodiacs to get ashore onto a beautiful sandy beach. In addition to Elliott, Adriana and Isabel we have four local guides for our guided walk along the trails. We are looking for birds and mammals and many of us are rewarded with sightings of howler, spider and white faced capuchin monkeys, as well as numerous birds, iguanas, lizards and spiders. One of our guests spots a Spectacle Owl with a young chick and to say Isabel our guide got excited is an understatement! Very rare so very lucky. We also see small deer, racoons, coati, and aguti.

The guides are great at spotting the wildlife and it takes the rest of us a while to get used to looking into thick forest vegetation to see them, but by the end of the hike we are getting the hang of it. We also see quite a few scarlet macaws, both flying and in the trees.

Richard has stayed at the beach looking after all the life vests and is ready to greet returning guests to organise zodiac transport back to the ship. As he waits there is a large group of school children from the USA getting ready for a snorkelling outing. It takes the teachers nearly 2 hours to get everyone organised. Richard considers himself fortunate to be looking after such well-behaved clients! He chats to the teachers and during the conversation is asked if he is looking after the group of "old people". Naturally he declined to comment.

Back on board we reposition our ship to Tortuga Island. The crew have set up a wonderful beach BBQ lunch, under some shade from tall palms and coconut trees. After lunch many guests enjoy some swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and paddle boarding. Snorkellers see some fish and a huge ray. The water is really refreshing and we are very reluctant to leave!