Silver Jewellery

Added 09 Sep 2014

Some of our clients have asked our guide Hanny about silver jewellery and although today is a free day, over half of our guests wish to visit a local jewellery maker! We organise some transport. Somehow Richard manages to leave Dawn behind. Thank goodness. At the factory we enjoy a short interpretation of silver jewellery making and are then let loose in three showrooms. If interested you use a little wicker basket and collect any items you may want to buy. The owner then weighs the contents and confirms the cost. The prices seem very reasonable, which is borne out by the amount of silver purchased! Richard has escaped unscathed.

An early dinner this evening before attending a Cusco Folk Dance Show. There is a band on stage and 16 dancers and we see dances from different regions of Peru interspersed with commentary from lady announcer dressed in red and sporting seriously high heeled shoes. Given the altitude we are amazed the dancers keep going at such a pace. After the show we only have to walk a few hundred yards back to our hotel but it is still an effort!