Folk dancing and chocolate!

This morning we visited Koricancha, the most important sun temple in the Inca Empire. The Inca’s best stonework was reserved for religious places, as can be seen here. The stones not only sit perfectly against one another from the outside, but also interlock inside the wall, which is why some of the original stonework remains despite the Spanish destroying large parts of some Inca buildings. No mortar was used between the stones. Large amounts of gold and silver were stored inside this temple, but sadly we found none! 

Following our visit to the sun temple, we crossed the main square and snuck in an extra visit, guided by Omar and Tomas, to the Inka Museum. 

Our exciting evening schedule began with a walk down the hill to a folklore show at the Native Music and Dance Centre. We arrived early enough to be first in the queue!  Once inside we waited for the performance to begin, and Richard decided to resort to a Furlongs Travel favourite, and purchased popcorn for everyone. Being generous as usual, he bought too much and spent the next 30 minutes trying to hand it out to anyone who would accept it. Most of the theatre had free popcorn! 

The show itself demonstrated traditional music played on a variety of string instruments, and a selection of dances from the Cusco region, featuring dancers in brightly coloured outfits. A highlight was the marinera, a costal Peruvian Dance from the town of Trujillo, danced by just one couple, which uses handkerchiefs as props to depict this romantic and graceful dance. 

A short bus ride later we arrived, surprisingly, at the location of yesterday’s restaurant! We used the same entrance and steps as last night, however tonight we turned left at the top of the steps into a Peruvian Steakhouse called Uchu. We started with another Pisco Sour, and olives marinated in rosemary and balsamic vinegar (which were lovely!). Arriving on an impressive platter, we were then served beef tenderloin and shrimps on a hot lava stone, with four unique and delicious sauces. This truly stunning meal was accompanied by a side salad, French fries and, later, a trio of chocolate simply entitled Chocolate Madness. The dessert lived up to it’s name and some guests even took part of it home for a midnight snack! Naturally, we just had to accompany the meal with some delightful wines!