Via Pisac to the Sacred Valley

Added 10 Sep 2014

We leave the Palacio del Inka Hotel Cusco this morning. It is probably an understatement that most of our guests will remember the hotel very fondly.

On today's journey to the Sacred Valley our first stop is a walk through the Inca site of Saqsayhuaman. From here we continue over the valley to the town of Pisac. There is a stop en-route at an Alpaca farm and souvenir shop. We are planning a quick comfort stop but the shop proves quite appealing of course. In Pisac we visit the Inca ruins at the top of the mountain. It is quite a drive getting to the top but the views of the Inca terraces from here are incredible. After walking to a viewpoint we hear a few rumbles of thunder, the wind picks up and the skies begin to look rather gloomy. All very dramatic, especially given the location and scenery. We head back to our coach. In Pisac town we enjoy some free time for a lunch snack and a visit to the market. You can find most souvenirs in Pisac market, but clothing and artwork are the prominent features.

Continuing along the picturesque Sacred Valley we arrive in Urubamba and settle in to our luxurious accommodations, the Tambo del Inka Resort. Wow, we thought our Cusco hotel was special, but what about this!