Added 06 May 2014

Leaving Swakopmund we head north towards the Skeleton Coast. We stop to see a ship wreck. Photos are taken. One guest goes paddling and nearly loses their shoes to the approaching waves. Up the road at Henties Bay we make a quick comfort stop before turning inland. We are back on bouncy gravel roads and now heading into Damaraland. This region is named after the Damara herders who inhabit the area. Desert elephant, black rhino, lion and desert-dwelling giraffe are known to roam the area but seemingly not today!

After passing the Brandberg Mountains we arrive in the small town of Uis, formerly known for its mining activities, we stop at a tourist information café for lunch. We have brought our own supplies but we purchase some drinks and the owner is very happy. We are all sitting on the low wall of the café building. Dawn is leaning against one of the wooden roof posts. Richard spots some large armoured crickets approaching along the roof posts! Dawn moves quite quickly once these are pointed out! These creatures are harmless but look like something out of a Dr Who show. Suffice to say Dawn will not be sitting there when we come back in June.