Shopping at 268 mph?

Added 07 Nov 2012

Today is a complete free day. That must be a first? After another considerable breakfast at the Yi Café, our guests explore Shanghai in various directions. Some shop, some visit museums, and quite a few take the Shanghai Maglev Train - the first commercially operated high-speed magnetic levitation line in the world. This train connects central Pudong district with Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Construction began in March 2001 and service commenced in January 2004. The top speed of this train is 268 mph, making it the world's fastest train in regular commercial service, faster than the TGV in France and the latest conventional wheeled trains in China. 268 mph is also faster than the top speed of any Formula One car! Guests are transported to the airport in around 7 minutes, and back again in another 7 minutes! Hold on tight.

This evening we enjoy a Farewell Dinner in private banquet rooms at the Shangri-La Hotel. Richard and Dawn thanks everyone for joining the tour and hands out small "made in China" souvenirs. The gentlemen are gifted brightly patterned (even tacky!?) neck ties and the ladies have small purses and mini dragons. The entire shipment for 100 guests including a decent suitcase to carry them home from the market came to less than £75. However, it's the thought that counts!