Leaving Panama, arriving London

Added 04 Apr 2012

After breakfast we enjoy a free morning at the InterContinental Playa Bonita Resort. Rooms have been extended until 1pm, and we check out and enjoy some light lunch refreshments before joining our private coach transport for the airport transfer. Richard and Dawn have already completed the flight check-in for everyone, so boarding cards are distributed on route to Tocumen International Airport and this saves time when we arrive. Once through security guests head off for a coffee and some last minute shopping. Richard has been looking for a new hand luggage case so together with Dawn he explores the airport luggage store. There is a good selection but he's picky so various cases are tried and tested. Files are transferred from his current case to the potential new ones to see how they work. Dawn decides to join in too, since she takes a fancy to a bright red case. Do her cameras fit? There's only one way to try so we have cases and belongings all over the place. In the meantime an unconnected traveller turns up and shows interest in the rather flowery hand case sitting on the floor. It is Dawn's original case. Richard trys his best to sell it to the potential purchaser but Dawn intervenes. After 45 minutes no purchases are made but plenty of research has taken place.

Following our long flight we land at Madrid on time and wait for our onward flight home to London. Dawn distributes Kit Kats (by the way, the lady at the Madrid Airport shop recognises us from previous bulk Kit Kat purchasing!).

Shortly before boarding our London flight, a large group of foreign students turn up at the gate. Most of them are wearing the same bright yellow backpacks, with the logo "World English Experience" or WEE for short! This is a travel organisation offering part cultural and part educational trips for foreign students aged from 8 to 18 years. Iberia announces boarding first for anyone with young children. 154 people step forward. Oh well, we'll wait a bit. However the bright yellow backpacks gives Richard a good idea for future tours, since it's very easy to spot the group even at distance. 

Our flight takes off a little late but we land at Heathrow early and proceed through Terminal Five to the luggage carousel. Despite our timing we set off home and the M25 is not too bad for those of us heading back to Kent. We hope the same is true for all our guests and you get home safely and as planned. Many thanks for joining us in Costa Rica and Panama. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the tour and we look forward to meeting you again soon.