Dinner at the Theatrum Restaurant

Added 17 Nov 2011

After breakfast we got together to set up our guide radios! This is a first for a Furlongs tour. We issue our two local guides with a transmitter/microphone and we distribute receiver and ear pieces to each guest. It is definitely an experiment. The radio equipment Richard is trialling he has brought from the UK as none exists here in Ecuador as yet! To set things up we all wear our radios around our necks, switch on and hope that the guide radios connect wirelessly! After a few attempts (it is day one after all) we succeed! We´ve split our group into two smaller parties and our first guide, Juan Carlos, heads off with the first group. Local guide, Santiago, escorts the second party. Richard keeps his fingers crossed! Thankfully, it is immediately apparent that the ear pieces enable guests to hear much more easily in what is a fairly noisy city centre environment. The experiment is a success!

Our two hour colonial city centre walking tour takes in the Main Square, Presidential Palace, Cultural Centre, Jesuit Church and San Francisco Square. The weather is beautiful ... clear skies, sunny and warm. We conclude around midday and guests enjoy a free afternoon. Some visit the Basilica, some the Museum of Pre Columbian Art, and others sit in the square and just watch the world go past. Richard heads off to do some more research for the future, including an inspection of a new 6-star boutique hotel. He concludes it is very pleasant but very, very expensive!

This evening we dine at the Theatrum Restaurant which is on the first floor of the Theatre Sucre in Quito. The restaurant is within walking distance of our hotel and on route we pass a shop selling washing machines, hi-fi equipment, motorcycles and drum kits! Nice selection.

The Theatrum Restaurant is certainly a favourite amongst our guest experiences and our visit proved popular. The meal was excellent and the complimentary wine was popular too! There was live entertainment (which came as a surprise to Richard). A male singer performed an opera selection followed by some musical theatre songs, and even a Frank Sinatra number. Richard couldn´t work out why he was dressed in black jeans with some chains, a leather jacket and a dubious hair cut! Anyway, highly entertaining.