Dinner at the Theatrum Restaurant

Added 21 Oct 2011

This morning we enjoyed a leisurely walk around Quito's Colonial city centre with our guides Juan Carlos and Gabriela. We peeped in at the Presidential Palace and the Cultural Centre, and visited the Jesuit´s Church which is decorated inside with 24 carat gold leaf. Some of us ended up at San Francisco Square (inside a cafe just prior to a short down pour!) while others took rain shelter in Quito´s Cathedral.

A free afternoon was filled with a variety of activities - some folk visited the Art Museum, some walked up to the Basilica, and a few went shopping.

This evening we dined at one of the top places in Ecuador, the famous Theatrum Restaurant on the first floor of the National Theatre in Quito. The Teatro Nacional Sucre is built on the site of Quito's old slaughterhouse and it's architecture is similar to the European Opera House style with big columns and grand staircases. Building started in 1877 but was damaged in an arson attack en-route and only finally completed with Government help in 1922. Subsequently the building deteriorated and then closed in 1996. After extensive renovations it re-opened in 2004 and now houses a busy programme of music, opera and ballet performances. 

The Theatrum Restaurant provided an excellent meal and, unusually, there was some live entertainment too. A Columbian man played saxophone and sung (though not at the same time). He was very good, but Frank Sinatra and Matt Munro songs, sung in English with a Spanish accent by a Columbian in an Ecuadorian restaurant is something we will remember for a long time to come!

Richard´s complimentary wine went down well too!