Dinosaurs and Magnums?

Added 09 Nov 2013

In Guayaquil it is best to tour early and be back at the hotel before the midday sun. Our local guides Rocio and Christian escort a City Tour this morning. Part coach based and part on foot we visit the Town Hall and main administrative district before heading to Centenary Park. There are land iguanas here. Some are on the ground but many are sitting in the trees and you have to be careful if you walk underneath. A large iguana having a pee from a great height is rather like turning on a power shower. Despite warnings at least two guests will be requiring laundry service later. Whoops. The city tour also features a walk along the Malecon, an award-winning waterfront development featuring boardwalks, restaurants, shops and other attractions, all overlooking the Guaya River. The Botanical Gardens section is always popular but today entry is restricted due to a life-size dinosaur experience taking place. Tickets are purchased and view the flora and fauna with strange dinosaur noises in the background. It is now late morning and the sun is warming up. What a good excuse for ice creams all round. Magnums this time. The ice cream seller can’t believe his luck – 48 Magnums please!