Drake Lake

We’ve been cruising all night and we wake up in the middle of Drake Passage with calm seas, often called Drake Lake (rather than Drake Shake). Fingers crossed the comfortable seas will continue.

The onboard ornithologist, Simon Delany, is on deck helping us to spot bird life this morning. We’re soon seeing Wandering Albatross, Southern Giant Petrels, Sooty Albatross and more. We also see some glimpses of whales and dolphins - hopefully a good indication of things to come. 

During the day we enjoy presentations from the expedition team and learn about extra activities that may be possible during our voyage - including kayaking, camping, hiking and swimming! The expedition team is knowledgeable and experienced and the talks are well attended. 

The Furlongs family get together for dinner and we exchange stories about the day, and what's to come. The Drake stays calm. Unusually, Richard is up and about! 

Photo of Black-Browed Albatross / Shutterstock