Ecuador here we are!

Added 17 Nov 2011

The alarm went off at 3am this morning! Richard gathered his party together at our Heathrow hotel and we drove to Terminal Five for our first Ecuador journey starting with a British Airways aircraft. Iberia and British Airways have merged so there are a number of schedules being combined and ours is one of them. Although the two airlines are now owned by the same company, they do not yet seem to be exchanging information very well and our seat assignments are a bit of a mess. Added to this a late change of aircraft at Madrid, and it became a bit chaotic. In fact Iberia had to lose 30 passengers as the new aircraft was smaller then the original! With an immensely long check in queue, Richard decided we should double check passports and boarding cards at the desk. This was a ploy to get all our clients near the front and be sure we all got on board. And it worked! Richard will be having discussions with Iberia in due course.

The flight took off from Madrid an hour late but we made up time and landed in Quito pretty much on schedule. All our luggage turned up (!) and we headed out through security. Guess who was stopped and bag inspected? Yes, Richard! Nothing to declare, so we´re soon with Johnny, our coach driver, and on route to the Patio Andaluz Hotel. Our hotel is perfectly situated in the middle of the colonial city centre. The staff are very welcoming, luggage is delivered quickly, and our guests are soon settling in. Despite the long day, everyone manages to join our dinner buffet before retiring for a well earned rest!