More than 300 dolphins!

Added 27 Nov 2011
We're in Espanola (also known as Hood Island) on our first full day in Galapagos. Early morning, before breakfast, some guests are out and about Kayaking along the coast. Later, we all visit Gardner Bay, a long, dazzling white beach. Some guests try snorkelling for the first time and are joined by inquisitive young sea lions. A few adventurous guests head off for snorkelling in open water from the pangas. Back on board the Islander we're enjoying lunch when Jenny spots some dolphins. After a couple of minutes it's apparent there are numerous dolphins and our Captain, John Zurita, kindly turns the ship to follow the dolphin pod. We all leave the dining room mid-lunch (with apologies to the galley staff) and head to the open decks! Dolphins are all around us and many are riding the ship's bow. Our expedition naturalists estimate there are over 300 dolphins! It is a fantastic sight. After quite a while we decide we must continue our sailing and we leave the dolphins and return to lunch, where the ship staff are ready to start serving us again! Our next landing is Punta Suarez, one of the richest wildlife locations in Galapagos. Sea lions and iguanas greet us here, and further along a rocky boulder trail we find blue-footed and Nazca boobies, the Galapagos hawk, and .... endemic waved albatrosses! All in all, it has been a very good day indeed.