Exploring Etosha

Added 20 Jun 2014

Uanee invites us on a morning game drive in Etosha National Park. Breakfast is from 6am and we leave at 6.45am. Within yards of leaving the camp gates we spot Black Rhino. Zebra, springbok and elephant is next. At 7.20am we are watching a lioness on a giraffe kill. Twenty minutes later we are viewing two female and one male Northern Black Korhann birds. Followed shortly by three Kori Bustards - the heaviest flying bird in the world. They can weigh up to 12 kgs each. They fly only short distances, not surprising really. Black back jackals are next, then four black rhinos including a baby. Oryx, more Jackals and Blue Wildebeest follow, with Crowned Lapwings and Blacksmith Lapwings, Black Faced Impalas and Forked Tailed Drongo birds .... all before 9am! Egyptian Geese, Red-billed Teal, Little Grebes, Kudu, a Martial Eagle, Hyeana and Giraffe complete the morning. No wonder Etosha National Park is so renowned.

After a lunch break some guests enjoy an afternoon drive with Uanee and others sit and watch the Okaukuejo Waterhole. They are not disappointed. The big herd of elephants that visited late yesterday evening decide to come for an afternoon drink. Simply wonderful to see so many elephants of all ages at one waterhole. And very lucky too!