Exploring Isafjordur

Added 28 May 2014

Last night we arrived in Isafjordur. This morning after breakfast we meet our private guide, Sigurdur Petursson. Sigurdur escorts a walk around town, visiting both the old and new streets. We meet some school children who are undertaking a community project tidying up a garden area and we learn about the history of the settlement and the population growth based on the success of the fishing industry. Iceland’s Prime Minister and Bishop both come from Isafjordur and Sigurdur makes sure we leave knowing this is the best town in the country! This afternoon there are optional tours including horse riding on Icelandic Horses, while other guests enjoy free time in town. The Furlongs team (and others!) discover the local Internet café to catch up on messages!

Isafjordur is well known for its interest in music (including a renowned music college) and our pianist and singer from yesterday have been persuaded to join us on board ship for an impromptu concert this evening. Salome and Kristin entertain with a short programme in the Panorama Lounge.

After dinner some of the officers and expedition team become models for a fashion show. They are modelling a range of clothing available for purchase in the on board shop. The clothing is pretty expensive but the show is great fun!