Exploring Namib Naukluft Park

Added 28 Apr 2012
We were up early and pretty much the first visitors to enter the Namib Naukluft Park. Within minutes we were viewing the most amazing sand dunes with the early morning sun providing a wonderful selection of colour tones and shadows. At the end of the 50km Tarmac park road we swapped from our coach transport to 4WD game viewing vehicles for a transfer across a sandy plain. From the drop off point we walked across sand dunes to a flat dry pan called Deadvlei. The landscape here is almost unworldly, with a dry baked pan featuring dead Camel Thorn trees some 500 years old, surrounded by tall sand dunes, all beneath a clear blue sky. A remarkable sight. We also visited nearby Sossusvlei, another flat pan surrounded by sand dunes but this one has water in it from heavy rains of late March. From here we headed back along the park road to visit Sesriem Canyon, which was carved by the waters of the Tsauchab River. This is yet another remarkable place. The canyon is approximately 5 kms long, around 25 to 30 metres wide, and up to 30 metres deep. And yet you can't see it until you get alongside! Everyone takes a look from above and a few of us venture down a rocky path to the bottom. And everyone comes back safely! Back at Sossusvlei Lodge, it's siesta time before joining an afternoon Nature Drive concluding with bubbly sundowners! Today we were up with the sun and we saw it disappear too and everyone agrees, it was a very special day