Exploring Sossuvlei

An early start today, but it’s for good reason, because being amongst the sand dunes as the sun rises is a tremendous bonus. If you stay outside the park gates, you’re only permitted to enter once the sun has risen. We’re 45 minutes ahead of the rest!

At our first photo stop we jump out of the bus to take fantastic views of the sun rise. It’s pretty cold, so we’re all wearing fleeces and jackets. Further on we pass “Dune 45”, which some visitors climb. Lots of back-packers apparently do this, and their reward is a bacon sandwich. We decide to pass.

At the end of the park road we transfer to 4WD jeeps to complete the last few kilometres across deep sand. From our final drop-off we offer a walk to Deadvlei, a flat pan now baked dry by the hot sun, and dotted with the remains of ancient trees. With huge sand dunes behind and clear blue skies above, the setting at Deadvlei makes for a wonderful photo. Given our perfect timing, it’s comfortable weather to walk across the sand, and as we walk back there are more visitors arriving and the temperature is definitely increasing.

Back on board our coach, we head to our next stop, Sesriem Canyon. On route, Dawn and Richard hand out bananas, nutty bars and fruit juice, as a mini “breakfast number two”.

Sesriem Canyon, is perhaps best described as a tiny Grand Canyon. It was formed by river flows thousands of years ago. We take a careful look from the top, and around half of our group venture down into the canyon to walk along the base.

Back at our lodge we enjoy a peaceful afternoon and, pre-dinner, we’re able to see a fantastic show of stars before the moon appears again!