Exploring Vienne by train

Added 06 Apr 2014

Vienne became a Roman colony in 47 BC under Julius Caesar. In the centre of town you cannot help but stumble across a Roman monument or two. One of the most outstanding examples is the imperial Temple of Augustus and Livia, a rectangular building of the Corinthian order erected by the Emperor Claudius in about 10BC. It survived as a result of being converted into a church and later was rededicated as "Notre Dame de Vie". This morning we enjoy a walking tour of Vienne with a difference. We do not walk all the way. We cheat. There is a tremendous view from a terrace situated high above the town and we take a train to get there and back. The train has an engine and carriages but it drives along the road. It feels as though we are boarding a Thomas the Tank Engine train. From the viewpoint we see a Roman amphitheatre directy below and the town and countryside in the distance. With the sun shining and blue skies it is a magnificent view.

During our sailing this afternoon we are joined by a professional sommelier and we take part in a wine quiz. Naturally this involves more tastings! Highly entertaining and educational too. Following on fairly promptly is a siesta!

After yet another stupendous dinner there is a concert this evening in the lounge. A trio called La Strada play classical and folk music and are a great success.