Flam train

Added 06 May 2015

This morning we wake up anchored just off the small village of Undredal in the middle of Sognefjorden. There’s an option to go ashore and enjoy a wander or you can stay on board for an early lunch break before disembarking to join coach transport to the FLAM railway. Most guests are taking the train excursion.

Leaving Undredal, the road is single track and we have three buses on route to FLAM. There are some road works so we first encounter some heavy road working equipment. We pass by OK. Near the end of the single track road we meet a car. We guess the lady driver is trying to get home to Undredal. As we are a big bus and she is a small car, she has to reverse to allow the first bus past. Shortly after this she meets the second bus. Time to reverse again. Then the third bus. She’s beginning to look less than happy.

Once onto the main road, we drive through a 5 kms tunnel to the village of FLAM. Bright sunny weather greets us as we exit the tunnel. We have a few minutes to explore the station and nearby souvenir shop and then begin to gather near the platform. There are some tourists we think Koreans, who are lively and dressed in numerous colours. They are busy taking photos, mainly of themselves as though they are on a fashion show cat walk. Richard and Ted decide to join in. This turns out to be a foolish decision. Most of the ladies now want their photo taken with Ted and there is a great deal of excitement. Richard manages to escape. Ted is rescued later.

Fortunately our train arrives and we need to get on board. We’re in carriage number 12. We set off and head up hill. The views are tremendous and the weather clear and sunny. Our destination is Myrdal Station and we’re allowed off for 10 minutes before the return trip. Richard and Ted keep a low profile.

From Flam we drive back through the 5 kms tunnel and then through another tunnel, this time over 11 kms, to arrive in Gudvangen. Our ship FRAM has sailed from Undredal to Gudvangen to meet us.

While most of the team have been on a train trip this afternoon, Dawn and some other folk were dropped off on the side of Naerojfjord to walk part of the old Royal Postal Route. The path took them alongside the fjord, over streams and pass spectacular waterfalls. 6 kms later they rejoined FRAM.

This evening the chef and his team has arranged a BBQ dinner on the open deck. The views are wonderful with the early evening sun reflecting on the snowy tops of the mountains.