Always have a Plan B

Added 04 Jan 2014

If "Plan A" doesn't seem to work, always have a "Plan B" up your sleeve.

We have an early flight this morning from Buenos Aires to a city called Ushuaia, which is situated at the southern tip of Argentina. It is from here we will join our ship MS FRAM. We all gather in the lobby of the Madero Hotel in Buenos Aires and enjoy some tea or coffee, juice, fruit and croissants. Luggage is checked and our guide, Guillermo, is here to greet us. Sadly our coach decides to break down on the way to the hotel. "Plan B" comes into action. Richard orders a fleet of taxis, Argentinian Pesos are given to each driver together with instructions to meet up at Jorge Newbery Domestic Airport as soon as possible. Ten taxis, some crammed full of luggage, race along the Buenos Aires roads vying for position all the way to the chequered flag ... the airport's departure terminal. With all guests and luggage accounted for we check-in for our flight south.

The flight is uneventful. It is operated by LAN on behalf of Hurtigruten so all passengers are heading to embark the same ship. A local representative is escorting us and from time to time she gives information via the aircraft tannoy. By the end of the flight there are so many announcements that Richard considers making an announcement to apologise for the number of announcements. He decides against it.

Landing at Ushuaia we collect luggage and exit the arrivals hall. Hurtigruten staff are waiting to greet us and our main luggage is taken direct to the ship while we join a coach for our included tour of the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Sadly one piece of luggage doesn't appear on the airport carousel but fortunately it is not one of our clients. It belongs to the Furlong staff team so Richard decides to stay at the airport and fill in the missing bag form and sends the tour on the way. Plan B again.

Dawn sends a text message to Richard with a list of things to buy in town. We always split the packing with some of "his" clothes and some of "her" clothes in each bag, but there are bound to be essentials missing. Suddenly a bag is spotted on the tarmac near the aircraft. To be honest it is difficult to miss Dawn's bag due to the hideous design and colour! It had fallen off the luggage truck on route to the terminal. Reunited with owner, Richard is able to join the National Park tour before it departs. We drive west from town. The National Park scenery is beautiful. Snow covered mountains in the distance and lakes and forests in the foreground. The new visitor centre has a great interpretation centre and nice coffee too! By late afternoon we are back in town and embarking MS FRAM. Once everyone is on board we expect to set sail around 6pm but there is an announcement ... due to a pedandic customs official we have no food onboard! Basically we wait for a while, sort out the stores issue and sail later but faster!

It has been a day of Plan B's.